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Create the service plan for your company easily online! free
Create the service plan. Free and online, shift planning and staff planner
Create the service plan. Now simply free and online with Create service plan / shift plan and personnel scheduler.
Create a shift plan now
What do we offer you?
Service planning online
Create the roster for your company online.
All your employees can always view the most up-to-date service plan from anywhere.
Whether on a PC, smartphone or tablet.
Whether on an airplane, train or car.
Industry-independent: No matter from gastronomy, retail, hotel industry etc.

4 different views
Unlike other online service planning tools, we offer the only 4 different shift plan views.
Just choose the view that best suits you – here is an insight into the views:

Classic view
Service planning
Classic view grouped
Flexible view
Online services
Calendar view
Scichtplanung Online

Create a shift plan now
Employee management – the digital staff

You can manage all the data of your employees in the shift planer (master data, documents, wages, absences / leave applications, contact data, etc.).

And: Your employees can keep their own data up-to-date (since each employee has his own access to the shift scheduler).
This saves you a lot of time at the ‚up-to-date‘ employee data.

For example, if an employee’s mobile phone number changes, the employee can make the change himself.
Digital personal files

Evaluation & Breakdowns

Leave individual breaks during each shift. In the extensive evaluation you can find all working hours
(Gross hours, breaks, net hours) and edit them later.
In addition, you can export all times as Excel / CSV files and ‚feed‘ them into other software.
Create service plans online

Create a shift plan now
Desired schedule and AutoPlan mode
The wish-plan module allows each employee to specify when they want to work. As an administrator, you can easily accept these ‚wish list requests‘ by clicking on them, and enter the relevant employee in the desired shift.

With the AutoPlan mode, we also offer you a real-time option: When you start the AutoPlan mode, your employees can log into a shift plan independently and in real time.
Shift Planner Online

Effective communication

Communicate with your employees: Since all your employees are integrated into the system, we offer you various communication options: messages, e-mail and SMS, your own chat system for your company, company blog, files, DropBox integration .
With 1 click you can send messages, e-mails and SMS to individual or all employees.

Chat system: We offer you a ‚own company chat‘ with the chat module: the chat does not take place in the shift scheduler but runs through any chat client (PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Blackberry etc) .
All employees are synchronized live in the contact list of the selected chat program.
You can also send round messages (including file attachments) to all employees.
Messages, SMS and chat
Company Chat
Company blog
Company blog

Create a shift plan now
Time recording

With the time recording module, we offer an online time recording largely independent of the shift scheduler. Each employee can enter times manually or record them via stopwatch. All recorded times can be exported as Excel / CSV and PDF.
Time recording


With the branch module, you can map several branches / locations with just one layer planner account.
Each store has its own shift plans (and employee assignments).

Make the roster easy online, and do it for free!

With you can easily create the service plan for your company online.

Simple, free and a thousand times proven

Create roster now

Free, convenient and online to create a service plan
In the case of medium-sized companies, the service plan is at the latest a repertoire of shift managers and personnel managers, provided that the corresponding company also works in shifts.

But even outside of the shift system, the service plan fulfills an elementary task by clearly showing employees when they have to start their service. In order to enable personnel managers to create such a plan quickly and comfortably, offers an ingenious and reliable system.

What should a software create for the service plan?
Currently, most companies are creating their service plan with Excel. With our tool, you can manage your entire Excel service plan online.


Service planning software free / freeware online provides you with a free browser-based service planning software.
With the software / freeware you can handle your service planning in the cloud.
Quite simply without Excel or Word templates online. Ideal for catering / restaurant / hotel, fire service and security services.
The freeware offers you everything you need for efficient service planning:
– Integrated employee management: Every employee has their own access to the service planner in the service planning software,
– ie each employee can keep their own data in the software up to date
– Optimized for mobile devices: No matter whether in the browser, Android or iPad / iPhone, – at any time and from anywhere access to the service plans
– Freeware: our cloud software you can use free / freeware
– More than just a software for service planning: In addition to the service planner, we offer numerous optional modules:
Timetables, branches, news & SMS dispatch, files & documents.
In the near future we offer an Android, Windows Phone and iPad app.


Timetable software Free, easy and online with
Schedule software
Timetable Software Online provides valuable services – without expensive installation or download for free

In many companies, service planning is a task which is virtually impossible to solve with manual processing, especially at many outlets or branches. In addition to the company’s needs, the scheduler or service planner must integrate various constraints or bottlenecks into the service schedules to ensure smooth operation. A classic wallboard from the analogue age would provide the information only to the dispatcher. Writing according to the roster would be about copying the work schedule for each employee rather than putting the roster online. Software takes over a large part of the work (especially with different employment contracts such as full and part-time jobs).
The easy and free online scheduling software for creating schedules / schedules and deployment plans.
Simply without Excel, ideal for gastronomy, retail, industry & production, doctor’s offices, call centers, care services, security service, online shop or service provider.

Read more about the benefits of our service plan software:

Write schedule
Business plans
1. Timetable Software Free Online without Excel and Download

The main advantage of the service plan program has already been devised with its basic design and is implemented in the programming and the continuous expansion of the functional scope: The software integrates the planning and scheduling work of the personnel processing and provides their results according to the role of the receiver in a timely manner. By setting up an application running in the Internet browser, no installation work is necessary, so that external staff or installers can access the application from any Internet connection. The software enables the planning from the point of view of the individual position or activity and indicates, according to weekdays and times, whether the positions or workstations defined by the personnel controller have already been assigned to an employee. This means that he can already see at a glance, where there is still a lot of planning and focus on the missing times or layers. One of the main views of the scheduling program is the completion of the spreadsheet calculation: In a weekly overview, the assigned weekly working time per employee can be compared in a row with the agreed weekday, and a monthly view is also available. The totals overview per day and the sum of the positions per shift provides an overview of whether all positions are actually occupied. If, for example, you were covering a shift with 4 positions and 8 working hours, the respective splitting sum would have to be 32 hours. The paid working hours and the breaks (such as the prescribed lunch break) are shown separately and easily recognizable. A further advantage is the effective and fast communication possibilities with the employees. If a change to the service plan is required, the service schedule allows more than the employee’s access to the new plans. With an integrated SMS function, each individual employee for whom changes are available can be informed of a group SMS. For this SMS a free text input is possible. Different attributes (such as colors) can be assigned for the individual employees or roles. This allows the dispatcher to see at a glance that every function (for example layer leader dark blue, master light blue, employee in a third color) is also correctly occupied. In particular in fluctuating industries such as the retail sector, the software and the graphical display on the screen can be used to visualize the respective assignment of the individual functions.
2. The captions, sorts of service plans will fit into your organization – not vice versa

Another advantage of our scheduling software is the free configurability within the individual applications, so the software adapts to the requirements of the company and not vice versa. Unlike the classic „bulletin board“ where the shift plans are published, the service planner can filter the individual view and sort by employee or individual criteria, and the sketches and shunting of the shift plans remain unpublished until the roster is complete The dispatcher has completed his work on this week, after which he can add an SMS to all employees who are in this service plan